The Fan Walk

The Fan Walk

10am – 2pm

Paper decoration in the Fan Walk and St Georges Mall

Four fourth-year graphic design students from CPUT are working with Andrew Putter to decorate part of the Fan Walk and St Georges Mall with the kind of paper tape that is usually used in cashier’s tills. The decorations have been conceived not to damage anything. The designers start working from about 10am, and will remove their work by about 1:30. Visit the Fan Walk from Loop (near Lunchworks) to St Andrews Square, and St Georges from Wale down to Longmarket. The young designers are Amber-Jade Adendorff, Anthea Marthinus, Jacqui Morris and Jason Daniels.

St Andrews Square

10am – 2pm

Hand-lettered signage in St Andrews Square

Four third-year graphic design students from CPUT are working with Andrew Putter to make hand-lettered signs that help the public navigate St Andrews Square this coming City Walk Saturday. The young designers are Shaakira Dolan, Raeez Edwards, Cindy Abrahams and Brandon White.

St Andrews Church (near Prestwich Memorial)

 “That Spirit…” at Saint Andrews Church 10am – 11.15am

This is an experience that weaves together a drumming circle, narrative poetry underpinned by the beautiful sounds of the Mbira (thumb piano) and a conversation exploring and celebrating the diversity in our City.  Audience participation in the true African sense!  It will be facilitated by Themba Lonzi and Desiree Paulsen, who are both experienced facilitating transformation and community development.  There will be 19 drums and some percussion instruments, but feel free to bring your own – and your friends and family.

Grind 4 TRUTH Coffee at Prestwich Memorial


Backgammon tournament

Backgammon players! Win a R500 voucher for breakfast at Grind 4 TRUTH  Coffee at the Prestwich Memorial! Join us at Grind 4 TRUTH coffee-shop on the next City Walk Saturday (18 July) at 11:00 for a mini-backgammon tournament. The first 8 pairs of people to arrive with their own backgammon sets are eligible to take part. The winners of the first 8 winners will play each other. The 4 winners of those games will play each other. The 2 winners of those games will compete for the R500 voucher. When you arrive, let the person at the till know that you want to play, and they’ll take down your names. The first 8 games will start at 11. See you then!


Performance: Honouring Ceremony in the Ossuary in the Prestwich Memorial, at the back of Grind 4 TRUTH Coffee, with Babalwa Makwetu and Yaseen Manuel

12 noon -1.00pm

Truth Telling at Grind 4 TRUTH Coffee  

Bulelwa Basse will be hosting a poetry session featuring a few poets from Lyrical Base and others.  There will also be an open mic session.

Bulelwa Basse is the founder of Lyrical Base Project, a literary and performing arts organisation that promotes the profiles of writers and performing artists from disenfranchised communities in South Africa, through community publishing projects and creates a showcase platform at corporate events, government events and community cultural events.

 3rdi Gallery opposite Prestwich Memorial


Performance with Buhlebezwe Siwani and Thumeka Mzayiya

City Walk June 2015

City walk Saturday June Program – and lots happened in Waterkant Street!

There was 10 temporary creative installations by students from the AAA School of Advertizing along the street, from pigeons being fed seed in the shape of giant letters (near the Bart Simpson sculpture) to a paper-airoplane throwing contest (near Buitengracht Street).

Other highlights include:

An open conversation about diversity at Lunchworks (between Long and Loop) with Desiree Paulsen – well known host of the Facebook page Transforming Diversity (10am – 12noon). Anyone is invited to drop in and join the table for a chat.

Live string duets by Jam String Duo (10:15 – 10:45) and fun on the organ by Colleen Edgecombe Hart (11:15 – 12:15) at St Andrews Uniting Presbyterian Church (just above Prestwich Memorial)


Story-telling with Philippa Kabali-Kagwa (co-founder of The Story Club Cape Town and TEDx presenter) and friends, at Grind for Truth Coffee at the Prestwich memorial (12noon – 2pm)

Short performances at 3rdi gallery (opposite Prestwich Memorial), featuring well-known actress Cuma Sapothela

And a whole range of performance interventions and games distributed throughout the street, but concentrated in the spaces in and around Prestwich Memorial.


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Mandela Day 2015

For Mandela Day we formed a drum circle outside the church and invited others to join us

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Samora Machel Church Choir

Visit from Samora Machel Church Choir on 19 July 2015

Choir 1 Choir 2

Clothing to Malawi

The congregation of St Andrews and the community in Cape Town sent clothes to Malawia to assist those suffering from the floods

1 2 3

Highlanders Memorial Service

St Andrew’s welcomed the Highlanders to their annual Memorial Service on the 26th of April 2015.

High 9 High 8 High 7 High 6 High 5 High 4 High 3 High 2 High 1




Flute Recital 8 May 2015

St Andrews Concert 8 May


Dorrette Knoblauch is presenting the PERSONAL GROWTH WORKSHOP at the moment to the young ladies at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on the last Sunday of the month after the Worship Service.

Sunday 1 Sunday 2 Sunday 3 Sunday 4 Sunday 5 Sunday 6 Sunday 7 Sunday 8 Sunday 9 Sunday 10


Coila-Leah Enderstein

Coila-Leah Enderstein presented a Recital at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

in partnership with the Music Academy of St Andrew on the 28th of February 2015.

Recital 1 Recital 2 Recital 3 Recital 4 Recital 5 Recital 6


Straatwerk Ophelp

Straatwerk Ophelp Project celebrated and gave thanks to God on Monday 22nd December 2014. Ophelp Project offers opportunities for work and rehabilitation for people living on the street.











Certificates were given to individuals for being an inspiration to others participating in the Ophelp Project.











Enjoying a cup of tea and biscuits – this was a good way to conclude the celebrations before going back to work.


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