Dorrette Knoblauch is presenting the PERSONAL GROWTH WORKSHOP at the moment to the young ladies at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on the last Sunday of the month after the Worship Service.

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Coila-Leah Enderstein

Coila-Leah Enderstein presented a Recital at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

in partnership with the Music Academy of St Andrew on the 28th of February 2015.

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Straatwerk Ophelp

Straatwerk Ophelp Project celebrated and gave thanks to God on Monday 22nd December 2014. Ophelp Project offers opportunities for work and rehabilitation for people living on the street.











Certificates were given to individuals for being an inspiration to others participating in the Ophelp Project.











Enjoying a cup of tea and biscuits – this was a good way to conclude the celebrations before going back to work.














St Andrews faith community donated Christmas presents to the Tygerbear Trauma Counselling Centre for Children at Tygerberg Hospital.

They are still in need for presents for this year.

Sponsors can phone the Trauma Centre

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First Advent Sunday

First Advent Sunday-We celebrated the HOPE we have as a community, believing in the coming of  Christ who brings healing to a broken world. Our Sunday School under the leadership of our youth ministered to the congregation as they acted out the nativity scene involving the congregation with traditional carols. After the nativity we shared and offered gifts and enjoyed a meal together.

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Christ the King

Please join us on 23 November 2014 @ 9h30

for our Communion Service.

Please note there will only be one service today.

ALL welcome


The Cape Town Chamber Choir

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06 November 2014

St Andrew’s hosted a research program led by Drs Simon Howell (UCT Centre of Criminology) and Nadine Burnhaus (Alcohol, Tobacco & Drug Research Unit) from the UCT Medical Research Council.

Photo 2

All Saints Celebration

Sunday 02 November 2014 at 9h30
All Saints Celebration

Giving Thanks and Praise to God

The Cape Town Chamber Choir under the direction of Marijke de Villiers Roos joined our Praise and Thanksgiving

Photo 1

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Rev Natalie Van Rooyen is having a conversation with

Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the TRC Consultation

in Stellenbosch.


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